victoria's fiction

Four Points Gin tells the story of three generations of women and the consequences of their choices, secrets, and mistakes. The novel begins with the disappearance of seventeen-year-old Maria Orozco’s best friend. Maria and her mother, Alma, move in with Alma's mother, Luz, in New Mexico, where Alma grew up, to reunite with her family and Maria’s father, whom Maria has never met. The Orozco family's past and the story of the girl's disappearence intertwine as the mysteries of both lives bear down on all three women's futures.


GHOST ROAD (in progress)
Ghost Road tells the story of one Midwestern family and their struggle to stay together. Set in 1976, the story begins with the summer of the US bicentennial celebration, when Diane, Jack, and their children move to a farm in rural Boone County, Indiana. Over the next five years, their lives will change in ways they cannot predict or prevent.

“Not Sold in Stores” in Puerto del Sol. May 2006.  
“Better as a Wish” in Colorado Review. Summer 2005.  
“Gustavo’s Wedding” in Massachusetts Review. Fall 2003.  
“Tall for a Girl” in Colorado Review. Spring 2003.  
“Quarry” in Confrontation. Fall 2002/Winter 2003.  
"Interview with Debra Monroe" in Glimmer Train Stories Number 80, Fall 2011.  


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