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Victoria Barrett's editing skills have been honed as the publisher of Engine Books, where she has personally (and deeply) edited every title, as well as at Freight Stories and Puerto del Sol. She has worked with debut writers and seasoned veterans. The titles have been reviewed positively in places like Publishers Weekly, Booklist, Library Journal, Kirkus Reviews, People, Entertainment Weekly, O Magazine, the Washington Post, the Minneapolis Star Tribune, and the New York Times Book Review. Engine Books authors speak frequently about Victoria's invaluable ability to read a manuscript on its own terms and help them find the heart of the story.


Victoria offers manuscript consultations, developmental edits, line edits, and publicity plans for fiction writers at all stages of their careers. All editing options are available for both book-length manuscripts and shorter works.

Manuscript consultations consist of three reads of a novel, short story collection, or shorter work, beginning with global story consultations, scene- or chapter-level editorial feedback, and full line edits, and conclude with suggestions, whenever possible, for appropriate markets and submission plans for the work. Participating writers may choose written or videoconference feedback at all stages except the line-edit, which will be delievered in writing.

Developmental edits consist of an in-depth manuscript read complete with global, story-level notes and, whenever possible, suggestions for appropriate markets or next steps in the development process. Participating writers may choose written or videoconference feedback.

Line edits consist of full sentence-level markups to help writers develop and hone their voices and language choices. They are delivered in writing and accompanied by written observations about general tendencies for writers to amplify and/or address in revision.

Publicity plans are limited to writers with complete manuscripts in literary fiction and related genres. Plans include steps, instructions, and contact information to walk writers through conducting their own publicity process for their books. (Great for writers planning to publish with very small presses or to self-publish. Accuracy of contact information provided is prioritized but not guaranteed.)


Consultations for complete manuscripts up to 400 pages* in length are $2,000.

Developmental edits and line edits for complete manuscripts up to 400 pages in length are $1,000.

Publicity plans for manuscripts up to 400 pages in length are $500.

Full consultations for shorter works, such as short stories and novellas, are $10/page.

Developmental edits and line edits for shorter works, such as short stories and novellas, are $5/page.

For all services, 50% payment is due upon scheduling, with the remainder paid when Victoria delivers the final step of feedback. Fees are payable by check, credit card, or PayPal—you can make arrangements when you schedule the consultation.

All page rates are dependent upon standard manuscript format: Times New Roman, 12-point type, double-spaced, one-inch margins.

Rates for manuscripts longer than 400 pages will be quoted on an individual basis. Email Victoria for more information.  

Victoria is also available for the following for-hire services, which will be quoted on a per-job basis:


cover design and interior layout
print and ebook production
web design

accolades and references  
National Book Award Finalist Patricia Henley on working with Victoria on her latest story collection, Other Heartbreaks.

"When Victoria first responded to my manuscript she offered her editorial vision for it and I thought my head was going to explode because what she suggested was so right and it was not something I could have seen or even thought about a few years ago." —Myfanwy Collins on Victoria's editorial advice for her debut novel, Echolocation.

“She is a miracle editor." —Nan Cuba on working with Victoria on her novel Body and Bread.

"Her edits were nothing short of brilliant. I have a tendency to let most scenes go on a tick too long, and she really honed in on that – tightening everything up, bringing the book into focus without losing a thing.”— Lisa Borders on working with Victoria on her latest novel, The Fifty-First State.  
email Victoria at victoria [at} victoriabarrett [dot] net for more information and to schedule your edits.  


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